Welcome Letter


Welcome to Wyndchase and Thank You for choosing our neighborhood to call home!  We are excited to have you as a neighbor and are looking forward to getting to know you.

By purchasing a home in our neighborhood you automatically become a member of the Wyndchase Homeowner’s Association.  We take great pride in our neighborhood.

As part of the Wyndchase Neighborhood we are governed by deed covenants that were implemented by the original developer of the neighborhood.  If you have not received the covenants as part of your closing documents they can be found on the Wyndchase HOA website at www.wyndchasehoa.org.

An Architectural Review Board (ARB) is in place to review new construction and exterior home improvements, excluding landscaping improvements, to ensure that they comply with covenants.  Requests for review and approval can be found at www.wyndchasehoa.org under Architectural Review Board. (ARB)

We do collect annual dues from each Homeowner that are due by April 30th of each year. You will receive a separate mailing from your HOA when dues are being collected. Your annual dues go to maintain the following items:

  • Security cameras and closed circuit recordings of the entrance to our Wyndchase Neighborhood.
  • Support the front entrance and perimeter fence landscaping, utilities, decorations.
  • Maintenance of our neighborhood designed street signs.  Our roads are City roads, not private, and are therefore governed and maintained by the City of Jackson.  Please keep in mind that even though you may see golf carts driven throughout the neighborhood these are not considered legal and create a hazardous situation.  We request that you help us in keeping the neighborhood safe and report any golf cart usage you see to the police.
  • Administrative expenses such as mailings, insurance, maintenance/repairs, and legal fees.  (HOA Board Members & ARB Members are all voluntary members of the neighborhood)
  • Special Projects as voted on at the annual HOA meeting.

Below are some important dates to remember and contact information:

  • Annual HOA Dues Payments are due by April 30th of each year.
  • Annual HOA Meeting is held in March of every year.
  • Trash Pick-up is every Monday and Thursday.  Please refer to the City of Jackson website, www.cityofjackson.net , for special holiday and inclement weather schedules.
  • For large item trash pickup please refer to the City of Jackson website for dates and guidelines/requirements.  The City of Jackson website is www.cityofjackson.net and click on garbage and recycling schedule.
  • JEA is responsible for all utilities including street light maintenance.  Any issues with utilities such as water or gas leak, street lights out, power outages, down/dropping power lines please contact JEA directly at 731-422-7500 to report the issue.

Many of your neighbors are members of Next Door Wyndchase which is a great source for communication.  You can find the link to join Next Door at www.wyndchasehoa.org.  Your HOA Board does review the posts on Next Door to understand what’s important to the neighborhood; however that’s not the recommended way to communicate with your HOA Board. We do welcome any comments, recommendations, or concerns that you may have at wyndchasehoab@gmail.com .

As a neighborhood of approximately 300 homes, we work diligently to preserve its desirability and provide a family friendly environment for all residents.

We hope you are as excited as we are about joining the Wyndchase family. Once again, welcome to Wyndchase.

Your Homeowners Association Board of Directors:

Board for 2023:
Jamie Vaughn, President
Mark Koch, Vice President
Charlie Bone, Treasurer
Karen Skelton, Secretary