Architectural Review and Approval Procedures


Fellow Residents:

It has been noted that the Wyndchase Homeowners Association Board Of Directors has a responsibility through the covenants to approve new construction, fences, out buildings and general construction improvements.  It is not intended to control the planting of trees or shrubbery or most other landscaping projects but does have the directive to address unsightly, unbecoming and nuisance property, maintenance, landscaping, and decoration, including damaged and derelict vehicles.

In addition, we are tasked with contacting the owners of property in unkempt conditions or needing lawn maintenance.  Predominately these are houses for sale or under foreclosure.  If a neighboring house is in need of yard work, advise your HOA board through the e-mail address shown above and we will see that it is addressed.

The HOA Board of Directors has determined that there was no formal procedure for our residents to follow nor a formal document to use to address construction and improvement requests.  We have elected an Architectural Review Committee in the last two annual HOA meetings to address this deficiency.

The attached form will help you document the requested construction or structural improvement.  This form will also document the approval, when granted, for your records and to support any questions regarding the construction to future HOA management.

Should you wish to start a construction project,  please complete the attached form and mail it to the PO Box indicated above.  Please complete all the contact information so we can get back to you quickly if there are questions.  Drawings, plans, photos and other information should be attached to the request.  We will review the documentation provided, possibly contact you for additional information and then approve or reject the requested construction within the confines of the Covenants.

It should be noted that construction may not be started prior to approval of the Wyndchase Architectural Review Board.  The Review board will take no more than 10 working days to issue a response.  Also, this approval does not waive any city or municipal codes and is not an approval in place of the building and city permits required.  It is solely to assure conformance to Wyndchase covenant regulations.

If you have any questions, problems or need further information you may contact the Wyndchase ARC at the above post office address or via e-mail at address.


Troy Nelson
President, Wyndchase HOA Board