Dear Residents,

I hope this message finds you well. It is with regret that I bring to your attention an unfortunate incident that has occurred in our community. Several homes under construction on Cheddleton have experienced significant damage and vandalism, resulting in substantial financial loss.

The damages reported include broken windows, holes kicked in drywall, a sizable hole in the ceiling, mud smeared on walls, and even destruction of custom installations such as a shower pan.

In light of these distressing events, I urge all homeowners to remain vigilant and be observant of any suspicious activities or individuals accessing the construction sites without authorization. Your assistance in maintaining a watchful eye over these properties is immensely appreciated and crucial in preventing further incidents.

Due to the severity of the damages incurred, we have initiated involvement with the local authorities, and the police are actively investigating the matter.

Let us work together as a community to safeguard our properties and ensure the security of our neighborhood. If anyone notices any unusual behavior or trespassing on construction sites, please promptly report it to the authorities or the relevant authorities.

Your cooperation and support during this challenging time are deeply valued.